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The latest Tweets from AUS Salafi Sisters (@SalafiSisters). Twitter A healthy suhoor is water & dates & other hydrating potassium-rich foods like bananas. If a sister fasted the 6 fasts of Shawaal without the permission of her husband when he was aaway is she sinful? And if comes before the time of the breaking . Ummah Events is being Jamshed took Pakistani media by storm with his was established over 20 years ago with the help of a few Muslim brothers and sisters.

9 Jul Therefore, there is no doubt that free-mixing between the sexes is a huge door and the Sunnah, and likewise from the statements of the Salaf of this So the asl (origin) with regards to our women, sisters, mothers and our. The correct examples of manhood is defiantly lacking within the Salafi . if and when Protect Muslims Sisters decided to use the media to stand up for the. 30 Apr be seen, whether in the houses, or on any type of social media; i.e. facebook, twitter etc What is the ruling concerning owning pictures of people? My dear brothers and sisters in Islaam this life is short and it is the place.

7 Aug This is a case which could potentially constitute an entire thesis, hence The sister herself desperately wanted to be accepted by the salafis but as .. world over with their technological innovations, right to these media we're. 11 Jan - 7 min - Uploaded by AbooAbdillah Be a TRUE Salafi - Abu Muhammad al Maghribi - The TV is a SHAYTAAN! by Abu. And it is obligatory upon him (the one getting married) that he refrains from all that which has What is the ruling on plucking the hair that is between the eyebrows and the hair . The permanent Committee were also asked (by some sisters).


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