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Flash as2 pdf button download

Flash as2 pdf button

I have a button inside my flash movie and I would like to give the user the option to download a pdf on clicking the button. I am using Flash CS4. I have created a button on my flash page to allow a viewer to download a PDF of the content. I have not been able to find the function I need to. Action Script 2 for dowload PDF file - Adobe Flash authors web and other I'm trying to make Pressing the button and it downloads PDF file.

10 Nov Use a button symbol in a Flash movie, in a page of your website, to link a PDF document to the symbol. This tutorial illustrates how to link PDF. 6 Feb I am way behind having recently moved from HTML to Flash as2. I just want to create a button (or mc link object) to open the PDF's and the. 22 Aug This entry is part of the Flash tutorials. Warning: this tutorial applies for older Flash 8. Consult the Flash button tutorial if you want to learn the.

22 Aug Warning: This tutorial shows how to use button components with obsolete ActionScript 2 coding. You may consider reading the Flash. ActionScript 2. Phaistos Networks Banner with multiple buttons (interactions version). .. You may change width, height, flash movie src and fallback image. 20 Nov The file formats leodeluzio.com,.pdf,.jpeg,.mov,.html Plan: I want to do it in Adobe the home page layout and buttons in Adobe Flash Actionscript 2.


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